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If you care about wellness and you care about creating a wealthy online business to support your healthy lifestyle – then you’re in the right place!


Hi there! I’m Anna Johnson-Hill.

I am the business strategist and health coach behind It’s my mission to push purposeful past their boundaries to create an online business that supports wellness and wealth in their lives.

My tribe are on a journey to gain the lifestyle (through my flagship eCourse The Wellness Adventure and Mindset Meditations) and lessons (through my blog, coaching and dedicated Facebook community) required to create a well and wealthy business and life.

I want you to get the wealth you deserve for your hard work – by passing on my knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

I look at how you can be optimising your website for traffic, social media strategy, marketing and making money. But most importantly, I look at the often-forgotten, internal (wellness) work that the foundations of your business are built on. You cannot be wealthy without first being well. After all, there’s a well in wealthy.

The best bit – I will teach you how to create a business and life you adore. If you’ve found me then that’s no longer a pipe-dream. I’m all about showing you how to take action! Which begins with the free practical and actionable coaching I provide in my weekly love letters:

So who am I out-of-the-office?

I am a sister, girlfriend, wellness warrior, PhD student, dog lover and host of the online TV show, AnnaTV. I am studying to be an holistic health coach and will be certified by end-2016.

I grew up in the beautiful country town of Wagga Wagga and have since moved to sunny Wollongong where I have made a magnificent home and laidback lifestyle for myself. I am active every day, meditate and like to nourish myself with fresh whole foods – I’m one productive Polly. I also have a loud-and-proud love affair with cacao and my blender.

But it wasn’t always this way.

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Anna’s Story

I was a bright child with big potential. At the age of 4, my preschool teacher said she saw me reaching great heights. My first business was at around 6 years old filling empty snail shells with flowers and selling them (for free). What a way to spread happiness and make use of under-utilised resources from the front yard! Let’s just say that I quickly learnt the value of being remunerated for our unique gifts.

I spent my younger years hanging out in the gifted class, volunteering and attending youth empowerment meetings in my spare time. I had a particular love of maths which came with a need to understand the logic and reasoning behind key decisions. At the end of highschool, I was voted most likely to become successful.

Fast-forward to my life at uni and my attention had shifted to boys, alcohol and fitting in. I had little respect for myself and my world (friendships, relationships, body image and self-esteem) mirrored that.

One morning in 2012, I woke up hungover and feeling sorry for myself – you know, one of those ‘I’m never drinking again’ moments. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t know the person looking back at me.

I didn’t realise it then but every day I was numbing myself with junk food, toxic relationships, a uni course I didn’t like and drunken nights out.

At that point, I had no concept of who I was anymore. This moment had one of the biggest impacts on my life to-date. That seedy introduction to wellness via a Google search of ‘how to be well’ altered the trajectory of my life.


What happened next?

That morning, my journey began to find out who Anna Johnson-Hill really was. What did she enjoy doing? What was she passionate about? What were her big dreams?

I felt a shift. I immersed myself in books, blogs, courses, workshops, conferences. I soul-searched overseas for a year. I lapped up any information on wellness and personal development.

I committed to figuring out what lit me up and started to genuinely care about myself. I stopped punishing myself and started to feel worthy again.

I’ve now created an unbreakable bond with myself and know that, even if nobody else does, I will always have my back.

It led me to create my first business, Study Well, aimed at helping university students live well and study well. An online business which could financially support my need for a healthy lifestyle. Over time I was being asked more and more questions about how I created my business and laidback lifestyle that goes with it.

You see, I realised that having a business that suits your lifestyle is not out of reach. Especially with the internet and globalisation. It means we can make money 24/7 from anywhere.

Anna recording video

Now consider these questions from my community:

Can I really create a business around my lifestyle?

How can I make money doing what I’m passionate about?

What is the best strategy to start a blog and optimise it for profit?

Can I actually set up a system to make money while I sleep?

Is there a way to get past the fear of putting myself out there?

Can you help me get more traffic, followers, likes and subscribers?

If any of these questions relate to you then hallelujah, you’re in the right place! Sign up here to get these questions answered by my weekly love letters.

Now, I want you to know…

I can see where you’re at right now (because I was there too). I’ve been there and felt the fear.

I’m still learning myself but I’m sharing it all with you. I’m a PhD student so I’ll always have new research to share – broken into steps to keep everything practical and actionable.

I care about whether you take action and whether you see results.

If you gain anything from reading this, I wish it to be that if you look after yourself, you can make anything happen.

Above all, I know that there’s a well in wealthy and I’ll show you how to make use of that.

You have found your safe place to learn and grow. Don’t worry, I’m not up on a pedestal – I’m real and authentic.

I’m so glad we found each other because I want you to have that well and wealthy life you crave. 


My mission is to push purposeful people past their boundaries to create the well and wealthy lifestyle and online business they dream of.


And you’re here for a reason.


So let’s do this!


Your next step… and yes, it’s free!

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