#1 – Time To Meet ‘Young and Free’

‘Young and Free’, as the name suggests is aimed at the millennials, and perfect for the digital nomads, young entrepreneurs, and those wanting to live a life of freedom that is beyond their wildest dreams and “make their mark”. 

Here we explore health, wealth, and personal power. I share how I master my mindset to stop fear holding me back, and give ‘real talk’ about abundance and how we often sabotage ourselves against health and wealth. 

Willing to ask the hard questions, I want you to do the things that bring you joy and fill you with gratitude. As “you can either step into your personal power, or you can play the victim”.

Seeing “health and wealth [as] the cornerstones to creating the life of your dreams”, I speak candidly about my experiences of being unwell, overstressed, and overwhelmed. My aim is to wade through the crap and share my lessons so you don’t have to – I’ll be the guiding light, proving what’s possible, and that you can live a life that you truly love. 

I invite you to join my vision of healthy, wealthy and empowered young people that are having a positive, lasting impact on the world. Yep, it’s time to step into your personal power, change your mindset, and live intentionally. 

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Anna's tips are simple and practical which allows me to make immediate positive changes in my life - Amy Webb, Marketing Manager, Sydney