#2 – Follow the Breadcrumbs with Tara Bliss

Tara Bliss on Rebellion, Cultural Conditioning and Boundaries.

Tara Bliss shares her journey with rebellion, from being an “insatiably curious, divinely dissatisfied, but hungry for life” child, to a teenage rebel. Unpacking social conditioning, conscious rebellion, courage and boundaries, Tara dives deep into her experiences with travel, business and community.

Tara shares her thoughts and knowledge on personal power and gives some epic advice for anyone that’s feeling fear and resistance towards transitioning into a new life path or following their passion project.

So, if you have been curious about rebellion, how to form and maintain boundaries, or just straight up own your personal power like a total badass, this episode is for you!

You can find Tara:

Instagram: @tarabliss

Facebook: Tara Bliss


Episode Resources:

Sounds Like Bliss Podcast

Rebels of Light

Louise Hay

Peta Kelly

dōTERRA Essential Oils

In this episode we chat about:

2:05 – Tara’s journey. Rebelling, curiosity, and her childhood. Her suspicion of authority, and curiosity of the frameworks of societal framework.

4:12 – Tara’s generation and their curiosity, how she came to journal and write poems.

5:30 – Teenage girls, their power and courage.

6:06 – Tara’s teenage rebellion. Her unproductive rebellion, which brought her back to her centre.

7:15 – The party girl stage. Connecting the dots on the journey.

8:50 – The lack of teachings around presence and courage. 

9:35 – Tara’s discovery of sensuality, personal power and the journey of conscious rebellion.

10:42 – the desire to belong, and craving of community.

11:54 – Peta Kelly, “How does it get any better than this?”. https://petakelly.com IG: @petajean_

12:08 – Creating the future.

12:40 – Remembering the pure essence of who we are. Shedding all the social conditioning.

14:35 – Loneliness, and feeling a lack of connection to community during the process of coming back into alignment.

15:06 – Anna’s US trip and the lessons she learnt.

16:28 – Meeting yourself on a deeper level when travelling. The metaphors of travelling.

17:20 – Travel as either a means to get away from yourself or as an act of self actualisation.

18:05 – The metaphor of Tara’s time as a bungee jump instructor.

19:16 – “In everything I do, I teach people how to take the leap into themselves” – TB

19:25 – Teaching what we most need to learn.

21:35 – Collaborative leadership.

23:01 – Personal power.

24:01 – Personal boundaries in order to step into your personal power.

25:38 – The distribution of our personal power, and how we’re often giving it away.

26:30 – DōTERRA Diamond Club.

27:59 – The importance of boundaries, especially around work.

29:23 – How creating space in the calendar, and getting creative can help with the healing process.

30:09 – Louise Hay and how emotions can physically show in the body.

31:17 – The confusion around boundaries.

32:00 – Owning your behaviours and not playing the blame game.

32:30 – How does Tara transition between different energies throughout her day as she shifts from work mode to relaxation.

33:20 – Rebels of Light and Tara’s partnership with that entity.

34.06 – Sounds Like Bliss Podcast

34:38 – Team Bliss with dōTERRA

35:04 – Tara’s understanding of the role she plays in each of these entities.

36:28 – Advice for those wanting more from their creative side hustles or passion projects. Especially if you’re not in your highest energetic state. Follow the breadcrumbs.

38:40 – Network marketing, and its role in anchoring into something real and finding community.

40:14 – How Tara asked for her community. Having the courage to ask for what you desire.

41:15 – Fear and resistance when you’re transitioning into a new life path or following a new bread crumb.

42:05 – How fear is the voice of the collective. 

43:35 – Rebellion – What does it mean to rebel with light?

48:28 – Fully stepping into our power, and who we are. What life is all about.

49:54 – Sinking into vulnerability, and the place where the juicy stuff happens.

51:00 – Being fully supported in times of grief, pain and loss.