#3 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Did you know that you are fully limitless? That your thoughts create your reality?

There is a saying that if you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would ever think anything negative again. Our experiences shape our beliefs and we accept them as fact, which create the filters through which we see the world. 

And this episode is all about the ways we can change our thoughts to positive, even if you’re having one of those days. I will be sharing my experiences with negative beliefs, my favourite tools to uncover and shift negative thoughts and so much more. 


Episode Resources:

Nick Broadhurst


In this episode I chat about:

3.00 – The filters through which we see the world

4.22 –  People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 

6.00 – How shifting your mindset, even slightly, can change how we approach and feel about a situation.

6.38 – The exercise I do to uncover my negative thought patterns – a must try!

8.14 – Thoughts on how our thoughts create our reality. 

10.00 – Taking opportunities to make or try new things if you can’t do what you planned. 

11.55 – We think A LOT! And we search for evidence to support our thoughts and beliefs. 

13.00 – My stories as the ‘always late’ person. 

17.06 – Shifting those thought patterns, and why it’s so important.

17.36 – What you can do when you’re having one of those days. What thoughts are happening for you and what can you do about it?

18.30 – The amazing thing my life and biz coach has taught me.

20.11 –  Catching negative thoughts in their tracks and turning them positive. 


You may also have noticed that these episodes aren’t released on the regular, and so I thought I would share a little about that. This podcast is going to be me chatting, but also sometimes we will have some very special guest stars, such as Tara Bliss. You can listen to that episode here


But what really makes Young and Free so special, is that I will be sharing when I feel the inspiration, so that what reaches your ears is going to benefit you in the possible way. 


Until next time!