5 Food Myths That Are Wrecking Your Health

5 food myths that are wrecking your health

By Golden Guest, Emi Kirschner

Recently, a friend shared how frustrating it was to determine healthy versus not healthy.  She was researching articles investigating healthy alternatives to improve a minor health issue. I explained there are loads of misinformation about healthy living and why it’s like that.

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The five food myths that struck her the most were:


1. Sticking to a diet is a good way to eat

As my friend fretted over how to fit her life into the confines of a new eating plan, I reminded her that among the many ‘diets’ only some of them have solid science behind them.  And, many of those ‘diets’ do work well for some people. But that doesn’t mean it will be successful for everyone.  Spare yourself the guilt of ‘failed dieting’ and take small steps towards healthy changes instead.


2. Milk does the body good

I grew up with the belief that drinking milk at meals was ‘healthy’.  It’s the source of calcium to make strong bones, right?  I don’t like milk and I was relieved when in nutrition school I learned dairy is not necessary to be healthy. In fact, foods like leafy greens have more available and absorbable calcium than milk. There are plenty of foods high in calcium, such as white beans, figs, and almonds. Also, did you know that milk can cause congestion? Plus, the hormones and antibiotics that are in most non-organic milk can be a health risk, particularly in children.


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3. Science is always right

I agree there is some really good science behind several health claims and without it we wouldn’t be able to heal many diseases. For my friend she was looking at studies regarding wheat and gluten that showed differing results. She didn’t feel good eating it, yet the nutritional benefits of whole grains appeared to be significant. It doesn’t matter if a food is proven to be healthy for you. Nor does it matter if you have a diagnosed allergy or sensitivity to it.

It’s simple – if it doesn’t make you feel good, don’t eat it.

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4. A low-fat diet is healthy

Surprise, surprise, and yay for us! For years, we have been told a low-fat diet is the best way to avoid heart disease and lose weight. Finally, new studies show that fat and even saturated fat is healthy – in moderation. Fat is needed for brain development and creating healthy cells. What matters most is choosing the right fats like olive oil, coconut oil and even, butter. Try to limit your consumption of vegetable oils, canola oil and hydrogenated oils. 


5. Red meat is bad for you

We have eaten meat for a millennia and suddenly red meat is bad for you?  That never made sense to me. It wasn’t until I did some reading and had a conversation with a farmer friend that I understood why red meat is a problem now. Conventionally raised cows (along with poultry and pork) are kept in confined areas, and fed corn and soy – which is not what they eat naturally. Cows eat grass.  They are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones to make them grow at a much faster rate which leads them to be less healthy and nutritionally deficient, compared to grass-fed cows who are also out in the sunshine. They also have higher amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Omega 3’s.

For the vegetarians, you can find out more tips for plant-based meals here.


Trust your gut (literally) when it comes to food myths… and know that not all of the information on the internet is true. Talk with a health professional who can decipher the surplus of information available to us.  Discuss what is best for YOU!

Now we would love to hear from you: what is a food fact that you are unsure of? Ask away in the comments and we’ll do what we can to help. Your question might just help someone else who is struggling.

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