5 Ways To Peace In Under 5 Minutes

5 ways to peace in under 5 minutes

By Golden Guest, Asja Svilans

Sometimes peace is described as the absence of stress, and this fact alone is enough to make us cringe – how is that even possible?! So we put ‘finding inner peace’ on next year’s to-do list as it seems so far away from where we are right now! Whilst peace can be the absence of stress, we often think that getting rid of stress means that we must go on a holiday, sleep in more often, spend hundreds on day spa or a weekly massage – yes, this can help and holidays are always a great idea but sometimes we need tricks beyond ‘work less and relax more’ (insert rolling eyes and blank stare of bewilderment here) to help us transform our day.


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Peace – is it a destination or a moment in time?  Well, the answer might surprise you. The truth is, carving out small moments where you can find a little presence and create a little peace is more beneficial than yearning for peace as a destination or end-point.


Try one, or all, of these 5 teeny-tiny choices that stack up to create space and ‘accidentally’ result in more peace in your everyday life. Here are 5 ways to peace in under 5 minutes:


  1. Breathe more, breathe right

When we get stressed, our breathing gets shallow and we seem to stop taking air down deep into our bellies.  Take a moment to take ten breaths and see where the air goes when you inhale, and when you exhale.  How long is your inhale and exhale?  Can you experiment with adding a one or two seconds to the inhale and then pause before doing the same to the exhale?  Five to ten breaths hitched onto existing habits in your life like stopping at a red light, waiting in the queue at the shops or turning on your computer at work are great ways to find more time to breathe – extra points if you do this in the shower with the water running on your face and feeling the sensation of water pitter-pattering on your face!


  1. Find gratitude

Gratitude is one little thing, that when you put into practice means that you must stop for a minute to notice things around you.  If doing this every single day seems like too much, try to write the best thing that happened each day and pop it in a jar.  At the end of the week, read through and remember the good times!  Can you see how powerful this would be over a month, or even a year?


  1. Use nature

Nature is very healing, it is hard not to stand under a massive tree and be wow-ed, or to watch bugs ‘do their things’ for a few minutes and get lost in their daily life, or feel the power when standing next to a waterfall.  This is the kind of energy that is great to introduce some calm in your life, even turning your face to the sun for a few minutes each day, or sitting with your eyes closed and feel how the breeze feels on your skin, will help you reap the benefits.  Taking off your shoes and noticing the textures underfoot is a great way to get grounded (and get a little massage too!).


Download your beautifully designed ‘guide to peace’ printable here to put where you’ll see it – your wall, your mirror, the back of the toilet door.


  1. Stretch your limbs – any way you like

For now, let’s forget yoga and stretch the way your body wants! Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes and then just move your body and pause when you feel a little tightness. Tilt your head side to side, stretch your arms above your head, circle your ankles and flex your feet – do you get the picture?  Just go with what feels good, and help awaken every little part of your body!


  1. Indulge your creativity

Play time.  Being a ‘kidult’ is everywhere right now – and for good reason!  Creativity and the idea of ‘playing’ get sucked out of us and ‘real life’ takes over and we get inundated with careers, family and, well, just living.  By picking up some colouring in pencils, doing a puzzle or building a sand castle you can start to explore what it feels like to create.  Sneaking in this habit can be addictive as you get lost in exploring, shading and trying to fit in the last 50 puzzle pieces.


Notice how none of the tips above ask you to sit on a meditation pillow for 30 minutes pre-dawn?  


The magic in using tips and tricks that are active rather than sitting still because it means that our brains start to find a little more coherence, clarity and that elusive sense of calm rather than just pushing everything outside of your brain and hoping for the best!


Sounds pretty great, right?!


Now, Anna and I would love to hear from you, how do you find peace in your day? Is there something you would add to this list?


Let us know in the comments below. Your comment might be exactly what someone needed to hear.
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Don’t forget to download your printable ‘Guide to Peace’ – it’s the easy way to find peace every day.

Asja Svilans is a Wholefood Chef whose journey began studying Nutrition at university, graduating in 2008.  Her business ‘The Wellness Collective’ helps women who are time-strapped and feeling snowed-under to find moments of beauty in the every day. Asja teaches women how to nourish themselves, and find joy and connection through falling in love with the food on their plate.  From workshops, and retreats, to the cookbook currently being crowdfunded, Asja loves finding ways to get the right information, in the right hands, in the right format.  She adores coffee, typography and avocado on everything!

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Download the printable 'Guide to Peace' to stick where you can see it and remind yourself to find peace in every day! It's the easy way to get more peace in your life.

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