#5 – How To Achieve Any Goal

This episode is all about how you can reach any goal that you want. 

I am dishing some deep insight on self development, lessons learnt, and my mission. I share all about a recent milestone I hit in my business, and how I made it happen! From stretching outside my comfort zone, dealing with my deep crap-ola, and even how I cried in my car for hours at a time. Because while it’s worth it, it’s not always glamorous. 


Earth is Hiring

Katie Manser

Aaron Sansoni

In this episode I chat about:

3.40 – Achieving a level in my business that means I can earn 6 figures a year.

5.24 – When I knew it was time to up-level and what this meant for me and my biz.

7.30 – A story about comparisonitis, and where it is we need to be taking the action.

10.33 – The incredible coach I worked with and some of the awesome tools we used.

14.35 – Dealing with the crap-ola. All the stuff you’ve been hiding and not wanting to deal with or face.

20.25 – What it was like going so deep into my self development, including the many tears shed and my experience at a 1 day event.

22.22 – How life and making money is a game. Things I have done to help hack my journey and invite more money into my life.

25.30 – Decisions are bullshit – hear me out on this one!

29.03 – My mission.

My mission is to prove what’s possible for millennials. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I work closely with millennials to make sure they achieve the same and more as me. If you want to run your own wellness biz you can. Work on it as a side hustle until you can leave your job. You don’t need any experience and I train you in everything I’ve done. But you’ve gotta be willing to learn – I can teach you how to do it but I can’t teach you to be open and coachable. I’m here for you! And if this speaks to you, and I truly hope it does, please reach out here.

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