#6 – Uplevel Your Life With NLP Coach Katie Manser


In this episode we chat all about NLP, hypnosis and giving back to the world.

Katie Manser is in the business of helping other to step into their light. She inspires and supports people to tap into their infinite potential and create a life that they love. She does this through NLP, Hypnosis and timeline therapy – which we will be chatting all about!

Katie believes that every person on this earth deserves to be living a life full of peace, love, purpose, connection and happiness, and boy does she live her life from that place!


Open Wide – Melissa Ambrosini

How you can connect with Katie:

In this episode we chat about:

3:00 – Why I was super excited to have Katie as a guest (you will already know this if you have listened to episode 5)

3:40 – Katie shares her very first experiences with NLP and what NLP actually is. 

8:33 – Katie shares some of the most powerful learnings she had working with NLP and the new learnings she brought forward.

11:01 – Hypno and NLP and how it has been a game changer for Katie.

12:14 – The importance of allowing ourselves to be guided by our intuition and how our “baggage” can hinder this.

13:55 – The incredible learnings and key takeaways I have from having been through NLP coaching with Katie. 

16:18 – Living life from that open place, what means, and how it has allowed for synchronicities and opportunities to present themselves. 

19:09 – Tall poppy syndrome and how people can be triggered when you’re living life from this open, joyful place. 

21:18 – How the relationships around us can change when we do this subconscious work. 

24:40 – Katie shares her lowest moment and how it changed things for her and led her down the self-development path. 

29:57 – What the difference between NLP and hypnosis is.

33:50 – The crazy past life experiences we have had during coaching sessions and what that taught us. 

40:07 – Our conscious goals and how our subconscious beliefs could be stopping us from actually smashing that goal. The problem that lies in this conscious-subconscious conflict.

45:50 – We chat about sleep and how this work has left Katie waking up full of energy.

47:50 – What’s next for Katie (and it is good!).