#7 – What Is Human Design?


We chat all about Human Design and how I found more flow and ease in both life and business through knowing my human design. This episode is so juicy! 

For the first time I am being interviewed for my podcast! My lovely interviewer was my right hand unicorn, Yenara. You can find Yen through Instagram, and be sure to check out her new podcast The Conscious Creative.

In this episode we also dive into…

2.00 – How I discovered Human Design.

4.41 – The curious thing I discovered when I was first looking at my human design chart.

6.20 – What human design actually is, and how brings together a number of modalities.

9.01 – What Human Design can tell us about life paths, personalities and what our souls are meant to be doing in this lifetime.

9.44 – If you’re going to get judged, you might as well make it be for something you love.

10.12 – What my chart says about me.

12.40 – **Money Trigger Warning!** We dive deep into money stories and the mental shifts I have been able to make around abundance through knowing my Human Design.

17.35 – What your “strategy” is in Human Design and what this can mean for you.

20.50 – Your inner authority and what this means.

26.12 – Using your Human Design, intuition and emotions to guide guide your decision making.

28.33 – How things were very different for me when I wasn’t living my truth.

36.42 – Why I am so passionate to help people not live a life of stress.

39.30 – My mission and where it came from.

43.15 – My number 1 daily non-negotiable to maintain a high vibe, flow state, especially on days where things may feel a little icky.

48.29 – What it means to me be a conscious creative.

51.22 – The number thing that I believes is the key to nurturing your creativity.

Episode Resources:

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Find Out Your Human Design Chart

Contact me for a personalised human design chart! I would love to dive deep with you so that you can use your HD to live a life of flow and ease.


Love, Anna