#8 – Unlock Your Feminine Superpowers For Biz w/ Jay Kimber

Jay is an entrepreneur that’s all about nature, embodiment and dance. Having spent years running her own businesses (plural!) and sitting in her masculine energy she has now come back to explore her feminine. She actually used to be an organic farmer! But now she is unleashing her fem fire, as she likes to call it, and dive even deeper into all the things around wellness and personal development. 

Jay recently was actually in our friend Nick Broadhurst’s music video for his new song Inner Love, you can check that out here. 

We dive into all of this, and so much more!

In This Episode:

4.50 – Jay shares a bit about growing up, Christian school to Waldorf school.

9.40 – How Jay actually wanted to study medicine. Which lead her to dance full time and a body breakdown, and the crazy journey that led her to farming.

16.00 – All of Jay’s businesses – menstrual pads, farmer, produce boxes, juices, essential oils, dancing and some of her biggest learnings from the last decade of running her own businesses. 

18.00 – Living in Hawaii and Galapagos, and Jay’s Durian obsession.

22.22 – Taboo topics! One of the reasons I LOVE following Jay on social media.

31.10 – How the desire to tap back into the feminine led Jay back to dance, and her journey with pleasure.

34.00 – Dancing from the hips and the heart. Jay’s incredible new course, Fem Fire

38.24 – The strength of the feminine.

Episode Resources:

Jay’s Instagram


Jay’s incredible course FemFire will reopen to enrolments early next year, so stay tuned for that, but in the meantime you can follow her on Instagram.

Until next time!