8 Lessons Learned After 2 Years In My Well + Wealthy Business

8 lessons learned after two years in my well + wealthy biz

I’m an online business strategist, PhD student and wellness warrior who spends a lot of the day either chilling in my PJs or my active wear. I’m not paleo, vegan, vegetarian or an intermittent faster, and I definitely don’t wear headdresses. Anna Johnson-Hill is actually just your typical Aussie, twenty-something girl who wants you to be the best version of yourself.

I self-educated myself in what it meant to be well and feel your best for 3 years and it is only in 2016 that I formally started my health coaching course (at the same time as studying at university full-time and running my well and wealthy business) and I am devouring content daily on how to be well.


At first I thought what are people going to think now that I’m into all this wellness stuff? This isn’t me – I’m no hippy.

  1. You don’t have to be a crazy hippy to be into wellness

You can do little experiment with candles, essential oils, green smoothies, meditation, angel cards, crystals and yoga to see if they work for you. They might, they might not. Either way, you’re not turning into someone else, just a better version of yourself. That’s what we all want, right?

  1. You’ll go through transitions of who you are

In highschool, I was the smart kid who strived to be the best ACADEMICALLY. When I lived on-campus for uni, I was the party girl with a badge of honour for going out and getting drunk 3 nights per week. When I started university, I wanted to be friends with everyone (I still do!) and be the best SOCIALLY.

Now, I’m in it to become my best ever. I want to be the best version of myself for ME and THE WHOLE WORLD. To see how far I can take it. To discover how many lives I can positively affect. Then show what difference I can make in the world. And push the limits. To see what’s possible for the country girl who wanted to make it big.

  1. Everyone starts at zero

I now have 10 participants in my online course, 100 people that I have coached at live events, 625 likes on Facebook, 2800 followers on Instagram and nearly 5000 views across my Youtube videos. Some people may think those numbers are big, some might see them as small. To me they are AMAZING and proof that I’m on the right path because you know what – I started at ZERO. A big fat zero and look where I am now!

  1. You need to learn before you can teach

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in Big Magic (not that I’ve read it yet, it’s up the top of my book list) you can’t speak about things until you’ve been through it and come out the other side. There is no point talking about it when you’re in the middle because you’re still learning. It’s when you come out the other side then you have something to share.



So how did I get where I am today?

  1. If you want to fit a lot in your day you need to look after yourself

I have learned that to do that I need to be operating as my best self.

Being in tip-top condition means you can jump out of bed in the morning (bursting with energy) and do what you’re here to do.

I have learned that to have that energy I need to look after myself. I need to be well. I’m telling you – you need to look after yourself, if you want to get where you want to be.

  1. Look after yourself, before you help anyone else

It’s just like they say on the aeroplanes, put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. You need to be filled up in order to serve others as your best self.

Looking after yourself doesn’t need to be something massive. You don’t need to wake up in the morning and spend 2 hours on a morning routine where you meditate, do yoga, drink juice and exercise (though that does sound pretty good). For most of us, that’s not sustainable and we end up feeling terrible because we couldn’t stick to it.

  1. You only need to take small steps to become the best version of yourself

I have learned that you just need to take small steps. Small, teeny, tiny steps each day to become the best version of yourself. Wake up 30 minutes earlier, drink 1 glass more water, eat a banana, turn off the electronics 30 mins before bed so you can have a restful sleep.

I’m no guru but I have learned a lot along my wellness adventure.

It’s these tiny changes that lead to BIG shifts in who you are and towards who you want to become.

Do you want to become your best ever? Then don’t focus on trying to overhaul your entire life but transform your lifestyle one little step at a time.

  1. The best time to start was yesterday but an even better time to start is right now

So answer this, what little action can you take to ensure you’re operating as your best self?

Let me know in the comments below.


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