How Mindset And Methods Take Your Blog To Profit

How mindset and methods will take your blog to profit

The 1st of July means the end of the financial year and reviewing my finances. In the past year, I have learnt exactly how to turn my business into a profit-generating machine. It’s not that hard if you know which parts of your business to focus on.

When I started out, I threw everything I could at the walls and hoped something would stick. You know, working really hard on my website, social media and online presence. But a lot of it was dead-work. At the end of the first year, I had a website and some interested followers but had made zero dollars. Um, wasn’t this supposed to be a business?

One thing that I learnt within the past year is that profit in business comes from knowing the methods as well as the mindset to get the right things done.

This is exactly what I learnt from the knowledgeable online business guru, Alice Nicholls from who joins me in this inspiring interview. Here Alice shares everything; from her first business selling maxi pads at 6 years old to how she has turned her hobby into a six-figure empire!


I became a member of Alice’s Blog To Profit Course this year. Since then, I’ve released my FIRST TWO digital products ever – Mindset Meditations With Anna and the Get Shit Done eCourse (aka The Wellness Adventure) – with the step-by-step guidance from the course. That’s going to make a big difference this financial year.

Watch the interview here:


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Join Anna’s Facebook group ‘One-Week Blog To Profit Masterclass Feat Alice Nicholls’ – the aim of this group is to equip you with the methods and mindset to take your blog to profit whether or not you choose to join the full-blown course, Blog To Profit. It’s time to unlock that power that’s already within you to create something great! New round opens soon.

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