#7 – What Is Human Design?

We chat all about Human Design and how I found more flow and ease in both life and business through knowing my human design. This episode is so juicy! 

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#5 – How To Achieve Any Goal

I am dishing some deep insight on self development, lessons learnt, and my mission. I share all about a recent milestone I hit in my business, and how I made it happen! From stretching outside my comfort zone, dealing with my deep crap-ola, and even how I cried in my car for hours at a time. Because while it’s worth it, it’s not always glamorous. 

#4 – Be More You

In this episode we are talking all about why it’s important to be YOU. To be using your own voice, lessons I have learnt about myself and how you too can find out who you truly are at your core. 

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#3 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Did you know that you are fully limitless? That your thoughts create your reality? There is a saying that if you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would ever think anything negative again. Our experiences shape our beliefs and we accept them as fact, which create the filters through which we see the world. 

#2 – Follow the Breadcrumbs with Tara Bliss

Tara Bliss shares her journey with rebellion, from being an “insatiably curious, divinely dissatisfied, but hungry for life” child, to a teenage rebel. Unpacking social conditioning, conscious rebellion, courage and boundaries, Tara dives deep into her experiences with travel, business and community.