4 Ways Your Ego Sabotages Your Biz And How To Fix It

4 ways your ego sabotages your biz and how to fix it

I get it, you are young, full of enthusiasm and ready to make the world a better place in your career or soul­driven business. Awesome, I love it!

But let me ask you one thing…

Do you feel like you are doing all? As a biz owner, you’re connecting with people, putting yourself out there, spending hours (if not days) on a website and even designed some hot products to sell. But somehow things just aren’t really moving the way you thought they would? This is where your ego might be sabotaging your success. (Yep, that’s a thing.)


Our ego isn’t really keen on change. In fact, our ego is a wimp! Whenever we are about to take a big leap and do something scary, it shows up with a truckload of reasons why we shouldn’t do it.

You know those thoughts you get sometimes:

– It’s too risky.
– What if you fall?
– What if no one likes it?
– What if you end up broke?

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so – that’s your ego. Our ego is a total pro when it comes to telling us how fat we are or how everyone else is doing it a million times better. Anna has another article on these limiting beliefs here.

So let me show you some common ways your ego tries to hold you back. Here’s 4 ways your ego sabotages your biz:


1. Your branding efforts are not bearing any fruit

This is maybe the biggest one, I see it in my clients all the time and I had it too! The simple reason for this could be that your brand vibe is just not really that authentic. Why? Because your ego tells you that “you are actually not that cool the way you are and therefore you are better off trying to be like this shiny Instagram superstar over here…”
Total BS! If this is you, stop it right away and look at the suggestions below to fix it.
A truly authentic brand is the only way to be sustainable in the industry of soul-­driven biz.


2. Your income is hitting a plateau

It’s time to question your money beliefs. What is the image you have of wealthy and successful people? If it turns out to be a negative image, maybe your experience with these kind of people has always been negative, thinking “they are all bitches, egoistic and self-obsessed, not nice at all…” Well you obviously don’t want to be like that so could it be that you are not allowing yourself to gain more wealth? Or it is that you think in order to reach that status you must lose 10kgs and fix your nose first? Do you really?


3. You are only attracting people who mess with you

They don’t show up on time or moan about your prices. If that’s you, then have a look inward and see what your own worthy ‘o meter is saying… Are you investing in yourself? Are you on time or not when showing up for other people?

Like attracts like, simple as that. You can’t expect people to invest in you if YOU don’t even invest in yourself.


4. You feel like you’ve got all of the above sorted but things are still not happening

I would like to ask you if you really, like really, see yourself as worthy of success. If that’s a no, we’ve got some work to do, baby.

Now how do you fix all of this? Download your ego-busting checklist here.


So that is how your ego sabotages your biz. One thing all of the points above have in common is: They are not external things to tick off your list; they are internal things we need to address with ongoing effort. Our ego can hold us back in so many ways.

I would say it is almost more important for us to sort out our mindset before taking external action to grow our business.

The way we can work on our mindset is basically all that woo woo stuff! Mantras, yoga, meditation… Making sure we are happy and thinking positive thoughts most of the time.

As I say, like attracts like so it only makes sense to focus on positive thoughts in order to attract positive outcomes, right?


How do we do that, you may ask? Here’s how to fix those pesky ego issues. Download your free ego-busting checklist here.



Now, Anna and I would love to hear from you. What problems is your ego causing you right now? Let us know and we’ll be sure to get back to you with our solutions.

Your words might be exactly what someone else needs to read so please share away.


how you ego sabotages your business

Sabrina is a success and lifestyle coach at Hello Freedom Lifestyle for women looking to launch their business and create that freedom lifestyle they know is meant for them. Not everybody has a coach, only the successful ones.




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