Free Your Time To Be Spontaneous

Free Your Time To Be Spontaneous

On Friday, I made the snap decision to visit Sydney and spend the day at the Eastern Creek Motorsport Park with my brother. I made this choice 15 minutes before he left for the train. I threw everything I had planned to the side and made way for a very different day.

My dad got me interested in V8 Supercars as a kid. On Sundays, we would get together for a BBQ with my cousins. We’d race around the backyard while the adults would watch the cars race around the track. I’d have my Ford hat and they’d have their Holden ones.

My favourite car driver has always been Craig Lowndes. Unfortunately, he’s moved to Holden now but I’m still a Ford fan to this day.

Yesterday, I got to see my favourite racing car driver in the flesh. With the track between us, I sat directly opposite his car and waited. From a distance, I could only see his outline but after watching him put on his race helmet for so many years, I knew him from the crowd.

There was Craig.

free your time Craig Lowndes

My brother nudged me in excitement as I watched him climb in the car and race off. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet him one day. But for now, I’m happy.

There’s definitely something to be said about being spontaneous and switching things up a little.

That’s why it makes me so excited when I hear of other people being spontaneous and giving new things a go. You just have to have a way to free your time first.

Live the good life

Like my friend, Asja, who made the decision to start the Wellness Collective which inspires women to live a real and beautiful life with simply real food. From her blog, she is now able to spend her days in a way that supports her healthy lifestyle.

She starts her day with a snuggle in bed with her man before she kicks him out of bed and snuggles into his spot for a minute, scanning how her mind and body feel as she looks out her window.

Then she is up for a big glass of water, a little meditation and for a run along the ocean. She’s blessed to usually see the sun the popping up over the island as she makes her way back home. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Then Asja has time to chat with her friends from afar over breakfast – living far away makes her grateful for Skype – sharing a meal with them is important to help her feel connected.

Then, it’s emails, writing, planning, recipe development and taking photos before a swim and lunch with a podcast or book. Her afternoon is similar to the morning, but by 5pm she is in the company of her man again. They will walk, go fishing, have a beer on the deck or play some cards before dinner. Then she spends a half hour online to fix up loose ends, maybe watches some Netflix or reads a book… And then she is tucked up pretty early ready for some shut-eye.

Asja is this week’s Well and Wealthy Guest so you can find out more about her life and lifestyle here.

Asja Svilans real food

What a way to spend a day. Thank heavens for spontaneous decisions and giving blogging a go.

Do things differently

Or like my friend, Lisa, who started a blog about veganism.

Lisa followed the strategies laid out in my ‘How To Start A Blog In 7 Days: Your Practical Guide To Profit Fast’ eBook and she now has over 1000 followers and people asking how they can buy her creations. Mind blown.

Great things happen by stepping out of your comfort zone and being spontaneous.

If you want to free your time, make some extra cash on the side or start living your dream lifestyle then my new eBook lays out the steps to make it happen.

It’s great for beginners to help them decide on a blog topic and also great for advanced amateurs who have started blogging but really want to optimise their blog for profit. I separate dead work (that wastes your time and energy) from real work (the actual profit-generating activities).

I see so many bloggers putting in the hard yards without getting the financial return they deserve. This book was created as a step-by-step system to ensure hard work reaps rewards.

Of course, profit doesn’t come without taking action. Correspondingly, taking action doesn’t come without believing you can do it.

Making profit from a blog is totally possible for you. It is possible for anyone.

Rethink the self-imposed boundaries you’ve placed on yourself and free your time with a blog.

Because the best time to start was 10 years ago but the next best time to start is right now.

Get your copy today.

free your time blog ebook

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