28 Mindset Tips From Entrepreneurs Who Are Killing It

28 Mindset Tips From Entrepreneurs Who Are Killing It

Read on for the best mindset tips for work-life balance to get it on point in 2017 (from entrepreneurs who are killing it in their fields). Some of the best were saved for last.

Let’s dive straight in:


1. Alice Nicholls, The Whole DailyThe-Whole-Daily-mindset tips for work-life balance

“Personal development is a daily task. Whether this is listening to audio, watching video training, going to retreats or conferences or seminars or creating a mastermind with others. Personal (emotional) growth is a greater business tool than any technical strategy that exists.” – Alice Nicholls, The Whole Daily

alice nicholls mindset advice


2. Kate McKibbin, Secret Bloggers Business Kate-McKibbin-mindset tips for work-life balance

“I think the biggest turning point for me was actually becoming aware of the stories I was telling myself… things like “You have to work really hard to make money” or “nothing comes easily… that would be cheating” were big stories I told myself. And even just being aware of them means you can start to do something about them (because of course, they are just stories… and they are only true if you make them true!).” – Kate McKibbin, Secret Bloggers Business


3. Tara Bliss, TaraBliss.com.au

Tara-Bliss-mindset tips for work-life balance

“Be on high alert for your excuses. Every time you say ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘nobody told me’… you’re blocking the potential that can move through you. Take ownership of your life and use your vocabulary consciously and with purpose. ‘I can’t’ strips you of your power and indicates that what you truly believe is that you’re a victim of your circumstances. Powerful language like ‘I won’t’ or ‘I’m not willing’ places the power back where it belongs — in your heart and in your hands.” – Tara Bliss


4. Emma & Carla Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters

the-merrymaker-sisters-mindset tips for work-life balance

“Switch your mindset from ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ to ‘what’s the BEST that can happen?’ We believe that when you expect the best… that’s what comes your way.” – Emma and Carla Papas



5. Sarah Lloyd, Welcoming Wellness


“Get super clear with your vision and the reasons why you do what you do. Every task must move you towards this goal. RPM is the answer. R- reasons. P – purpose. M – Massive action plan. Helps every time with every question.” – Sarah Lloyd


6. Vicky, Vitality Nutrition


“Be mindful of setting limitations based on your own beliefs.” – Vicky


7. Megan Gogoll, The Anxious Poet


“Don’t get caught in the negative thinking downward spiral. Your thoughts truly do create your reality, so make ’em goodens!” – Megan Gogoll

mindset tips for work-life balance


8. Angela Baklis, The A Life


“Give more to get more. Focus on being of service, “how can I help more people?”. That for me is the best motivation to wake up to every morning.” – Angela Baklis

Angela Andrews declutter your digital life


9. Dee Pamenter, Printspiring


“Mind your own business! Focus on your own journey, and don’t compare any stage of your journey to somebody else’s.” – Dee Pamenter


10. Lauren McRae, Miss Naked Foods

lauren-mcrae-mindset tips for work-life balance

“What you think you become.” – Lauren McRae


11. Maria Ramsay, MariaRamsay.com.au

maria-ramsay-mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Be open to everything you can learn from others as they often have good advice to share. Being open mentally to other perspectives can also kickstart your own creative thought processes and help you solve problems or come up with new ideas.” – Maria Ramsay


12. Fiona Forsyth, Love Your Health

fiona-forsyth-mindset tips for work-life balance

“It’s inevitable until we train our mind, we all have “junk mail” pass through our mindset. Best advice I have is – embrace it, let it go, move on.” – Fiona Forsyth


13. Natalie Bourke, Health By Whole Foods

natalie-bourke-mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Be on your own side, always. Remember to unplug and recharge. Focus on putting positive energy out there and it will come back.” – Natalie Bourke


14. Emma Newby, EmmaLouiseNewby.com

emma-newby-mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“You never regret doing it! Procrastination is a big one for me, but I know that once it is done, I never regret it, be that work, exercise or creative endeavours. Push past the resistance, that’s where the gold lies!” – Emma Newby


15. Laura O’Hagan, DoubleX Collective

laura o'hagan mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Resilience and unwavering self-belief need to be cultivated on a daily basis as an entrepreneur. I’ve found that incorporating mindset work into my business so that it forms part of the day, (just like sales, finances and management) has allowed me to step up to places that only six months ago, didn’t seem possible. Find a way to strengthen that belief on a daily basis and the success will follow.” – Laura O’Hagan

mindset tips for work-life balance


16. Cherie Bobbins, CherieBobbins.com

cherie bobbins mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“I encourage others to think pragmatically about how they are feeling, the thoughts they are having and their effect on the work you want to be doing. I’m not immune to negative self-talk or self-doubt so when I’m in a funk, I ask myself, ‘is this helping me get where I want to go?’ More often than not, it’s no. By asking yourself that quick question when you feel like that funk is creeping in, you can quickly learn, why it crept in in the first place, how to avoid it and how to learn from and overcome it in the future.” – Cherie Bobbins


17. Tanya Doherty, Beach Fit And Wellbeing

Tanya Doherty mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Believe in yourself! Sometimes it can take time for your hard work to come to fruition. Trust in yourself and surround yourself with others who support and lift you up.” – Tanya Doherty


18. Crystal Kapolitsas, The Healthy Patch

Crystal Kapolitsas

“Recognise the stories from the truth. Our minds create stories that hold us back, keep us in our comfort zones or make us think we’re incapable. Today I DARE YOU to do something that you’ve been putting off or that makes you feel uncomfortable – don’t let the story win.” – Crystal Kapolitsas


19. Kimmy Smith, KimmySmithFit.com

kimmy smith mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Have the courage to follow your intuition. It’s great to get advice from experts, but don’t let it sidetrack you. Stay true to your values and purpose.” – Kimmy Smith


20. Lou, Lunch Lady Lou

Lunch Lady Lou mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Have perspective and be grateful. Be grateful that we live in a country that allows us access to these kinds of opportunities. Be grateful that you’re further along today than you were yesterday (even if it doesn’t feel that way right now). Be proud that you had the balls to follow your dreams because let’s face it so many people don’t and that’s a crime.” – Lou


21. Gail Schie, Inspired Calm

gail schie mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“It’s easy to get distracted or be influenced by others and the busyness around us. Learning to connect within enables you to calm your mind, find some peace and discover yourself. Creating space for yourself, tuning into your body and connecting with your heart, your truth, allows for magic to happen.” – Gail Schie


22. Anna Dobby, Heart N Earth

Anna Dobby mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“There’s a lot of experts and advice out there, but what’s missing is space and depth. That is where the magic of creativity and flow happens. As often as you can, take the time to connect deeper to yourself to guide your truest path.” – Anna Dobby

mindset tips for work-life balance


23. Hayley Tapper, HayleyTapper.com

Hayley Tapper mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“If you were the best in the world at what you do, how would you act? Adopting the mindset that you ARE the best will help you to show up 110%, smash your goals and run your business with confidence.” – Hayley Tapper


24. Simone, Happy Soul Mumma

Happy Soul Mumma mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Be proactive, not reactive. be authentic and sure of yourself, but open minded and flexible. don’t take things personally, always move forward, but ensure YOUR cup is full before giving too much to others. Self love, self worth, self success.” – Simone


25. Min Benstead, Min Benstead

Min Benstead mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Take the time to write down your goals and repeatedly re-visit them. Dream big, believe and take small steps each day to get to your goals.” – Min Benstead


26. Bianca Romeo, BiancaRomeo.com

Bianca Romeo mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“‘Craft your career around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your career.’ Success comes in many forms and working yourself into the ground isn’t one of them. To enjoy the roller coaster ride of running a business (or an empire, whichever) you need to enjoy your work, your loved ones, and your friends. As long as you are happy, you win. Aren’t we all really just doing what we do to be happy? So imagine being happy every single day. Money in the bank doesn’t matter if you aren’t happy.” – Bianca Romeo

well wealthy guest Bianca Romeo smile


27. Amanda Vodic, We Heart Events

Amanda Vodic mindset tips from entrepreneurs

“Any time you feel negativity coming your way, in any shape or form (it may even come from your own brain) mentally rip off your shirt, run down the street and yell at the top of your lungs “I’M DOING MY THING AND I DON’T CARE IF THEY LIKE IT” (thanks, Tina Fey)” – Amanda Vodic


28. Anna Johnson-Hill, AnnaJohnsonHill.com

Anna Johnson-Hill mindset tips for work-life balance

“Wellness and mindset set the foundations for business. If you want to make it in online business then you have to do the inner work. After all, there’s a ‘well’ in ‘wealthy’.” – Anna Johnson-Hill


I hope you devoured these top mindset tips for work-life balance. Leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway! I can’t wait to read the responses to this epic round-up.

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