What A Real Healthy Lifestyle Means To Me

What A Real Healthy Lifestyle Means To Me

I’m sharing something a little bit different today because I want to make sure you’re seeing all of me. I’m an integrative health coach and a work-life balance advocate so people assume that my life revolves around green smoothies, yoga and hanging at the beach. It’s not far from the truth but let’s be real sildenafil generique. You’ll also see me having wine with dinner, dancing late into the night with friends and ordering a burger from my fave café (Bergies in Thirroul).

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As a health coach, I don’t want to feel as if I have to hide these sides of me. I understand that some of these are not the ‘healthiest’ habits but they do make me happy. I want to be able to enjoy my time with friends and not feel held back. I’ve realised that what’s holding me back is my self-imposed boundaries or what I assume people will think.

I have struggled for a while knowing that I wanted to show all sides of me but scared of what others would think because I am supposed to be an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Now I have come to the realisation that a healthy lifestyle is more about choosing what makes you happiest. To me, happy equals healthy.

My habits change all the time: sometimes I decide I don’t feel like eating meat and sometimes I won’t drink for months at a time. Depending on where I’m at – that is what makes me happiest. It’s all a choice in designing a lifestyle you love. That means deciding what you’ll say yes to and when you’ll say no.

How To Live A Real Healthy Lifestyle

As a work-life balance advocate, I’m all for living the life that makes you happiest. It means deciding what you want and making it happen.

For you, that might be going vegan or it might be a bottle of wine with your girlfriends. Either way, make the choice that makes you the happiest.

I’m going to hazard a guess that going out drinking every night may make you happy in the moment but not in the long-term – so that’s not a healthy lifestyle. Same thing with junk food, a jar of Nutella might make you happy in the moment but I bet you’ll feel yucky soon after – that’s not a lasting happiness.

Release the judgement. Focus on your own happiness. Design your own version of a healthy lifestyle.

Basically, if you want to go out and get a big Schnitzel and a beer to celebrate someone’s birthday – do it. These are the fun times that may eventuate:

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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