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#3 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Did you know that you are fully limitless? That your thoughts create your reality? There is a saying that if you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would ever think anything negative again. Our experiences shape our beliefs and we accept them as fact, which create the filters through which we see the world. 

#2 – Follow the Breadcrumbs with Tara Bliss

Tara Bliss shares her journey with rebellion, from being an “insatiably curious, divinely dissatisfied, but hungry for life” child, to a teenage rebel. Unpacking social conditioning, conscious rebellion, courage and boundaries, Tara dives deep into her experiences with travel, business and community.

Looking After Yourself 101

looking after yourself

Take self-care seriously

In the busy world that we live in, it is really easy to forget about the most important part of self-care and looking after yourself. Here I explain what the most important part of self-care and how you can start looking after yourself better today.


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AnnaTV: New To Meditation?

How to meditate

How To Meditate

When I first starting meditating I found it really difficult. If you’re new to meditation or your practice needs some improvement, in this video you will find out more about how to meditate and why it is such an important tool in your everyday life.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Mood Today

5 Ways To Improve Your Mood Today

Underlying Causes of Depression and Anxiety You Didn’t Know

Have you ever wondered if mental issues like depression or anxiety can actually have physical or nutritional causes? Do you know which medical tests you can get to improve your mood? What about changes to food you can make this week to improve your mood for the better?

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3 Ways To Spring Clean Inside And Out

spring clean inside and out

Spring clean your life

Today is the first day of spring in Australia and you can feel the difference in the air. Everything feels lighter, fresher and sunnier. The weather is set to warm up and the days are becoming longer so this is the perfect time to free your mind, revitalise your study and de-clutter your home. I am delighted to share with you some of my tips to spring clean inside and out.

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