The Wellness Adventure

The Wellness Adventure

Gen Y’s step-by-step guide to bounce-off-the-walls energy and accelerated success


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What is the Wellness Adventure?

Behind these digital doors, you’ll find 4 weeks worth of game-changing content designed to not only skyrocket your productivity on a daily basis but get you clear on your life goals and unleash your best self.

I can see you where you are because that’s where I was.

I see you… Dragging yourself out of bed each morning. Downing breakfast on-the-go. Turning up late to your first appointment. And that’s only the first hour.

You have big goals. You want to help people. You want to make a difference.

You may not know exactly how you will do those things but you know you have it in you.

I’m here to bring it out.


This 4-week course is all about taking inspired action.

What if you had the tools, techniques, mindset and methods to fill yourself up from the inside out so that you could wake up bursting with energy and ready to tackle the day? What if you actually had the time to focus on those life goals that get pushed to the side by 9-to-5 busy-ness?

If you’ve ever wished you could fffiiinnnaalllyyy take action on creating your dream life. Then this is it! Now is the time. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Here’s what a member inside the Wellness Adventure had to say:

“Anna’s course has been created from the heart and is truly a gift to young women and men. Her work is practical and she shares her advice from her own experiences, which makes it all the more useful. I love her no B-S approach as it pulls me up when I am procrastinating on taking action. At times I need a kick up the butt and Anna is always there to support me!”


About Anna

 Welcome image Anna Johnson-Hill

Hi there! I’m Anna Johnson-Hill. I am the CEO and creative behind – a space which nurtures Gen Y’ers into action to feel well and create their ultimate lifestyle.

I am also a sister, girlfriend, wellness warrior, PhD student, dog lover and host of the online TV show, AnnaTV. I am studying to be an holistic health coach and will be certified by end-2016.

I grew up in the beautiful country town of Wagga Wagga and have since moved to sunny Wollongong where I have made a magnificent home for myself. I am active every day, meditate and like to nourish myself with fresh whole foods. I also have a loud-and-proud love affair with my blender.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Yoga pose Anna Johnson-Hill

Anna’s Story

I was a bright child with big potential. At the age of 4, my preschool teacher said she saw me reaching great heights. I spent my younger years hanging out in the gifted class, volunteering and attending youth empowerment meetings in my spare time. At the end of highschool, I was voted most likely to become successful.

Fast-forward to my life at uni and my attention had shifted to boys, alcohol and fitting in. I had little respect for myself and my world (friendships, relationships, body image and self-esteem) mirrored that.

One morning in 2012, I woke up hungover and feeling sorry for myself – you know, one of those ‘I’m never drinking again’ moments. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t know the person looking back at me.

I didn’t realise it then but every day I was numbing myself with junk food, toxic relationships, a uni course I didn’t like and drunken nights out.

It was easier than living up to the reality of my unfulfilled potential.

At that point, I had no concept of who I was anymore.


What happened next?

That morning, my journey began to find out who Anna really was. What did she enjoy doing? What was she passionate about? What were her biggest dreams?

I felt a shift. I immersed myself in books, blogs, courses, workshops, conferences. I lapped up any information on wellness and personal development.

I committed to figuring out what lit me up and started to genuinely care about myself. I stopped punishing myself and started to feel worthy again.

I’ve now created an unbreakable bond with myself and know that, even if nobody else does, I will always have my back.


Now, I want you to know…

I see you. I feel you. I get you as I was you.

I’m so glad we found each other because I want you to be your best ever too.

My mission is to nurture you to take action to live the dream of being their best ever!

You’re here for a reason so let me guide you.

Let’s do this!

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Jessica Silsby

One of the best things about doing this work is crossing paths with bright lights like this little treasure. Anna is a coach and wellness warrior, guiding people to #BeYourBestEver. She is one inspiring lady!

This kick-ass 4-week guide is perfect for you if:

blue-tick You never have the time to focus on your life vision or goals.

blue-tick You are tired of watching other people achieve amazing things and not knowing how to get there yourself.

blue-tick You want boundless energy and to stop feeling dull and uninspired.

blue-tick You just want someone you can trust – who has walked the path themselves – to tell it like it is.

blue-tick You want to make a difference to others and live your dream life.

blue-tick You want practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately and have proven results.


But is not for you if:

blue-tick You’re not comfortable with change.

blue-tick You want results without doing the work.

blue-tick You don’t see the point of looking after yourself, eating well or exercising.

blue-tick You’re not ready to step up and live your dream life.



Amanda Coneyworth

Amanda Coneyworth, Gorgeous Presence

Anna is my very inspirational friend. She’s a super successful PhD student on a mission to educate others to achieve their best health, happiness and study results by offering practical tips. I love reading Anna’s blog posts and videos as they cover so many useful topics, such as how to overcome stress, gaining confidence in speaking, time management, meditations, healthy meal suggestions as well as simple exercises and yoga sequences! There is something for everyone.

What do participants have to say?

“I would recommend The Wellness Adventure to anyone who is looking to step up and start achieving things that they think are out of their reach. The steps that Anna shows you make it possible to frame your wildest dreams as achievable goals that can be turned into a reality.”

“She takes a caring approach and is more than happy to engage 1 on 1 both during the course and afterwards. It is easy to tell that she genuinely loves to help people and help them achieve their full potential.”

“Anna is real and offers practical advice that anyone can implement. I love that Anna shares her personal experiences to help others feel like they can also turn their lives around.”

“Greater productivity, improved organisation and the result of this has been an increase in motivation to complete a variety of tasks in both student, work and relationship related activities.”

“Anna’s modules have reminded me of the simple and practical steps I can take to get my life organised so I can take action to improve my health and mindset.”

“I also teach at university and I have adopted Anna’s approach to teaching. I.e, If anyone has an issue with subject content at any time I put myself forward and take the time to help them overcome the problem themselves.”

“Anna has inspired me in so many ways – through the advice she shares in The Wellness Adventure, as well as seeing her set goals in her business and then achieve them with such success.”

“I would recommend Anna’s work and services to young women and men who are feeling stuck. Anna has a way of making the impossible feel so much more possible through her practical tips and tools.”





Alissa Buttiglieri

Anna’s mission is to help young women unleash their best self ever, feel fit, get shiz done. Anna has weekly vlogs on Youtube, a kickass newsletter and the #BeYourBestEver hashtag on Instagram. Anna is a gorgeous light beam!

What will I learn?

Together, we’ll be covering the 4 elements that lead to reduced stress, increased energy and accelerated success, including:


Module 1: Self-Love

blue-tick Must-know ways to fill yourself up (if you don’t get this right, your BIG goals will never reach fruition)

blue-tick The essential strategies to connect with yourself and have your own back ALWAYS

Module 2: Body

blue-tick How you can learn to love exercise and be excited to move every single day (and lose kilos effortlessly)

blue-tick The no-B.S guide to feeling great in your body and gaining boundless energy

Module 3: Nutrition

blue-tick The secret to eating as much as you want, feeling great and losing weight (WARNING: you’ll have people asking what your secret is!)

blue-tick Proven steps to ditch the guilt, cravings and binges that de-rail progress

Module 4: Mind Mastery

blue-tick Clear steps to clean out the trash from your environment and mind that are limiting your success

blue-tick The mindset mistakes that almost everybody makes (this will change your perspective on everything)

The Wellness Adventure


blue-tick Technical toolkit of software and apps you need-to-know

blue-tick How to get clear on your goals and vision (and stick to them)

blue-tick Interviews with Miss USA RI, Karla Layton, Amanda Coneyworth, and MORE!



MissbeachykeenDana Lenahan,

Anna is a wellness activist and guru helping women around the globe live healthier and happier lives. Anna is a humble, intelligent and fun-loving girl, and I liked her from the moment I met her. She is an true wellness warrior and an inspiration to all.


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What results can I expect?

The basic premise is this:

blue-tick Know the technical tools resulting in finding the lost time in your day.
blue-tick Fill yourself up resulting in jumping out of bed in the morning.
blue-tick Eat real food resulting in your energy levels increasing.
blue-tick Live & play well resulting in feeling fit, strong and powerful.
blue-tick Master your mind resulting in knowing what mindset shifts you need to implement.

This is the groundwork that needs to be put in before you can implement your ideal working situation. This is the step that is often forgotten but magnifies success.

But HOW do you do all of the above?

I’ll take you through step-by-step to show you the tool, techniques, methods and mindsets – with a lot of support and a few kicks up the behind to accelerate your success.

There are a tonne of golden nuggets in here that will save you A LOT of time and ensure decreased stress, increased energy and activation of your dream life.

This course will fast-track results BUT The Wellness Adventure is not a magic potion. You will have to put in the work to get the results you’ve been craving. But I’m here by your side. Together, I know we’ll blow your mind with what you can achieve in 4 short weeks.

Love and appreciation,

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How am I going to learn?

You will be sent a weekly email for 4 weeks with videos, audios, PDF playbooks and bonuses. Plus, you will have access to our exclusive Facebook group!

There is something for every kind of learner – the one who needs to hear the lessons, the one who needs to read, the one who needs to write, the one who needs to see it to believe it and the social one who learns best with other people. We’ve got you covered.

The course allows effortless viewing as all lessons are available via your email on your phone, desktop or tablet. Everything is accessible only so you can view anywhere and anytime. All content is downloadable for learning on-the-go.

Anna spent a year of her life studying the different types of learners so you can rest assured you will learn (plus you’re guaranteed some kick-ass results if you put the effort in).

Join now for ONLY $197


Hollie Azzopardi


Hollie Azzopardi

A huge part of why I love what I do is the amazing people I get to meet along the way. Anna is a beautiful ray of light. Her mission is to help people #BeYourBestEver. You deserve to be living your best life and Anna will guide you there!



When do I get access to the content?
As soon as your payment is processed then you will receive your first module and enter our kind community. Modules will be sent to your email inbox week-by-week allowing time to implement the lessons.

What if the course is not the right fit for me? Can I get my money back?

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don’t feel satisfied after the first two weeks then your money will be returned in full. That’s a complete money-back guarantee. This is how confident I am that you will find these strategies as useful as I do. PS Simply shoot us an email and provide your completed playbooks from Module 1 and 2 to prove you gave this lifestyle transformation a shot.

What if I don’t know my goals or what I want my dream life to look like?

Not a worry. We cover this in the first module. We get you clear on what what would light you up from the inside out and what aligns with your core values. Everyone is different but we all have something amazing to offer the world. Let’s work together to discover what that is for you!

Can I afford it?

Yes. The course is being offered at an exclusive never-to-be-repeated price. The price will be going up next round. The course is a fraction of the cost of hiring a coach to learn the methods and mindset waiting behind these digital doors.

I’m totally new to wellness, will this course suit me?

I know what it feels like to be a wellness newbie. Four years ago, I didn’t know what cacao, kale or quinoa were (funnily, they are now daily staples).

How does this course differ from any other courses out there?

This course differs in its focus on action-taking. The strategies are actionable rather than throwing you a heap of theory you won’t remember. ‘The Wellness Adventure’ focuses on things step-by-step and strategies  implemented instantly. Plus, I will be by your side every step of the way – celebrating your wins and giving you a kick up the butt when you need it!

How do I get support during the program?

You will get support directly from me. I am at your disposal for 4 weeks as your personal coach, friend and butt-kicker (usually at a cost of nearly $600 for 4 weeks but free to you). There will also be support from the like-minded go-getters in the community Facebook group. Everyone is in it together and it is such a beautiful, supportive environment to grow and learn. Share your goals, plans and wins with me and the whole community using the hashtag #BeYourBestEver.

I don’t have much time so how time-intensive is the course?

The modules are split into short, easy-to-digest lessons for effortless listening. The average participant will spend a few hours a week learning and implementing the content.

Are there any tech requirements?

If you’re not sure how something works, I’m only an email away to help ensure that your learning experience is smooth, easy and enjoyable.

Can you guarantee I’ll achieve my goals?

Achieving your goals depends on your adaptability, open-mindedness and ability to take action. I am rooting for your success and want to see everyone who enters the course achieve their goals. Remember that success is more about your attitude than your aptitude. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing lots of hand-holding, giving lots of step-by-steps but also a few kick-up-the-behinds. As a member said, “She’s got your back, no question about it.”

What if something comes up and I can’t keep up with the course?

No problem at all. You have lifetime access to the course. You will still receive the content week-to-week. My targeted attention will only be available for the first 4 weeks but I will still be active in the Facebook group to answer any questions after the course has finished. The beauty of this e-course is that if life gets in the way, you can just complete it at whatever pace feels right for you. Plus, keep in mind that you will have access to this course for LIFE, so you can dive back in whenever you need an action-taking top-up.

I’m a guy, will this course suit me?

Definitely! Masculine energy is always appreciated and I cannot wait to work with some switched-on, inspired, go-getter guys!

Can I pay in installments?

The course is being offered at a one-time only price that is already low enough for my friends to think I’m crazy. This is your only chance at this price as it will be going up next release.

What happens after I sign up?

The course kicks off as soon as your payment is received. You will receive an email giving you access to our exclusive Facebook group.

You will receive emails on a weekly basis for 4 weeks with all the info you need for the week. It is all digital and downloadable so you can learn at home or on-the-go.

You will also receive access to amazing industry experts in topics from wellness to goal-setting. It’s time to thrive!

Join now for ONLY $197

money-back guarantee

More about Anna…

Anna is a life and wellness coach and the founder of, an authentic wellness site aimed at nurturing young women into action. She has been a contributor to The Glow, Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin’s Your Zen Life and a partner of Melissa Ambrosini HQ.

Anna has completed two university-level degrees in Commerce and International Studies. All modules were crafted with integrity from an educational basis of Anna’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Anna is currently studying her PhD in Business focusing on the work and wellbeing of successful entrepreneurs. Her insights are filtered directly into this course so it is based on the latest research in the field.

Whilst studying full-time, Anna also runs her coaching business full-time, is an active community volunteer and has time to prepare all meals, exercise, meditate and still jumps out of bed full of energy in the morning. She knows what it’s like to have a busy schedule. Anna has spent 6 years of her life (4 of which devoted to wellness) gathering these insights for you in a perfectly-packaged, step-by-step digital product.

At end-2016 Anna will also be a fully-recognised health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with former classmates including Melissa Ambrosini, Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily and Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar.

The value in this course is unrivaled and it is Anna’s mission to Gen Y succeed in becoming their best ever.

This is your invitation. Join us on the inside here.