5 Things Blocking You From Love And Abundance

5 things blocking you from love and abundance

Do you long to find your soulmate? Wonder when you will be swept off your feet? Wish you could be living the life of your dreams but think that it’s just that – a dream?

Most of us grow up having huge dreams of meeting our Prince (or Princess), of being hugely successful and wealthy and living the ‘perfect’ life we imagine. It was probably my favourite thing about childhood, living out all these fantasies in my head. It’s sad that so few of us actually end up creating that life in reality.

Here are 5 blocks which could be stopping you from receiving love and abundance:

  1. Not knowing what you want

The first and most important thing you need to work out is what exactly you are looking for. The universe will give you whatever you most desire but you have to be super clear on what that is. If you keep asking for different things or you’re not really sure what you want the universe will not know what to give you. Find more posts on uncovering your purpose and deciding on what you want here and here.

Get really specific. The more detailed the better. You will be astounded when the tiny details you pictured appear! Have fun imagining exactly how you want your life to be. You get extra brownie points for writing it down or creating a vision board!

  1. Disbelief

This is probably the part where most people fall down. They just don’t believe that they will ever find the perfect partner or be able to do the job they most want to do. It is simply not true! The law of attraction means that whatever you most want must come to you just as certain as the law of gravity never falters. Believe with all your heart that what you want is coming. Even better, believe that it has already appeared and it will arrive even faster.

  1. Feeling unworthy

A lot of people, especially women, struggle with this one. Imagine your worthiness on a scale of 1 to 10. If you are sitting around 3 or 4, then you are only going to receive back at that level. If you dial your worthiness right up to 10 then you will receive back 10’s! So it’s time to allow yourself to feel absolutely worthy of the life you imagine having. You are a very special person and you deserve to have unlimited love and abundance!

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  1. Past experiences

We all have skeletons in our closets. Past experiences that we’re scared of repeating. We hold onto these and stop ourselves from opening up to new people and new experiences in fear of being hurt again. If you can find the lesson in the past, however, then there is no reason to fear the future. You can let it go and move on with peace and gratitude for the lesson. True love and abundance can only happen if you open yourself up and let it in. I learned this the hard way but I’m sure glad I finally did!

  1. Subconscious thoughts and old beliefs

Our mind is so much more powerful than we even realise. It is one thing to change our thoughts to being more positive and loving but then we have our subconscious working away on a deeper level. It is harder to catch out our subconscious as most of the time we don’t even hear it. It comes from years and years of listening to and observing our parents, telling ourselves we are unworthy of love and happiness and having our society feed us their views and opinions. These all form together and create a host of negative beliefs buried away in the back of our minds. Check out Anna’s previous post on overcoming limiting beliefs here.

The good news is we can reprogram our subconscious minds and create new positive mindsets that help us achieve the love and abundance we desire. I have a free mindset meditation specifically designed to do this on my website.

Now Anna and I would love to hear from you. What is the biggest thing blocking you from love and abundance? Is it something on this list or is there something you would add? Your comment might be exactly what someone else needed to read so please share your thoughts below.


Lorna Hope-McKenzie is a nutrition and wellness coach who knows that there is more to life than going to work and living for the weekends. Her mission is to help women by shifting their mindset in order to create the life of their dreams! Check her out online here:



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